Dokumentární film

  • Rogério Sganzerla
  • Brazil
  • 1966, 10 min
Script: Rogério Sganzerla
Photography: Andrea Tonacci
Editing: Rogério Sganzerla
Sound: Rogério Sganzerla
Actors, social actors: Vitor Loturfo , Marcelo Magalhães
Producer, Co-producer: Maurice Legeard
Color: Black and white
Language: Portuguese

An ode to film and love of film. In the words of the director: “The starting point of our films has to be the instability of cinematography, as well as that of our entire society, our aesthetics, our loves, and our sleep.” Those are the topics of discussion for a pair of strolling youths who stop in front of cinema posters and debate about politics, emotions, and corruption.


Rogério Sganzerla (1946) made his directorial debut with this 16mm filmed essay and also edited two other significant works of the Invention Cinema movement. He’s best known for his feature-length thriller The Red Light Bandit (1966).

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MERCÚRIO PRODUÇÕES / Helena Ignez / Rua Nestor Pestana, 87 - cj. 101 / 01303-010 / São Paulo, SP / Brazil / +55 11 3129 5745 /
Festival edition: 2017
Sections: Udigrudi: Cinema Marginal
Premiere Type: Czech Premiere
Exhibition format: 16 mm
Subtitle languages: No Subtitles
27.10.2017DIOD 23:30


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