DCA Spiel

DCA Spiel

DCA hra

  • Hänzel & Gretzel
  • France
  • 1987, 4 min
Producer, Co-producer: Philippe Franck
Color: Colour
Language: No dialogue

An associative mix of social micro-commentaries combining images of the Vietnam War, a circus knife-thrower, and Olympic sports combined into a rhythmic videocomposition. The film illustrates the dynamic allocation of radio channels: a busy cell is assigned a free frequency originally allocated to a different cell.


Daniel Mangeon (1966–2000) was a French television director best known as a video artist working under the pseudonym Hänzel & Gretzel. His rich body of work reveals his passion for music and absurd surrealism.

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ARGOS CENTRE FOR ART AND MEDIA / Laurence Alary / 13 rue du Chantier / Brussels / Belgium / distribution@argosarts.org / +32 2 229 00 03
Festival edition: 2017
Sections: Fascinations: Psychedelia
Premiere Type: Czech Premiere
Exhibition format: Video File
Subtitle languages: No Subtitles
29.10.2017Dukla Edison 10:00


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