Coney Island at Night

Coney Island at Night

Noční Coney Island

Color: Black and white
Language: No dialogue

A panoramic scene of the Dreamland and Luna Park amusement parks on New York’s Coney Island, with their many lights like the reflection of a vertiginous carousel. The disappearing and reappearing glimmering points of light trace the outlines of swings, a Ferris wheel and shimmering pavilions promising fantastical experiences.


In the early 20th century, Edwin S. Porter (1870–1941) was the most influential film director in the USA. His best known works include the documentary Life of an American Fireman (1903) and one the world’s first Westerns, The Great Train Robbery (1903).

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LIGHT CONE / Christophe Bichon / 157, rue de Crimée / atelier 105 / 41bis Quai de la Loire / 75019 / Paris / France / +33 1 46 59 01 53 / /
Festival edition: 2017
Sections: Fascinations: Psychedelia
Premiere Type: Czech Premiere
Exhibition format: Video File
29.10.2017Dukla Edison 10:00


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