Dare Nativitatis

Dare nativitatis

Dare nativitatis

Script: Eliška Cílková
Photography: Yvona Teysslerová
Editing: Tereza Kozáková
Sound: Ondřej Swaczyna
Producer, Co-producer: Noemi Krausová, Ondřej Šejnoha (FAMU)
Color: Colour
Language: Czech

This intimate essay presents the inner experiences of pregnant woman before and during childbirth. As she tries to come to terms with physical pain and as she mentally processes the situation, more complex questions arise as well. A documentary record mixed with questions and visions that reflect the mind and brain of a birthing woman.


Composer Eliška Cílková (1987) also creates musical documentaries and short experimental films such as Jánošík (2017), Four Generations (2016) and From Detail To the Whole (2016).

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FAMU STUDIO / Ondřej Šejnoha / Klimentská 4 / 11000 / Prague / Czech Republic / +420 234 244 402 / ondrej.sejnoha@studiofamu.cz / www.famu.cz
Festival edition: 2017
Sections: Fascinations: Exprmntl.cz
Premiere Type: World Premiere
Exhibition format: Video File
Subtitle languages: English
26.10.2017Dukla Edison 21:00


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