Noiseless, Desert Extras

Sans bruit, les figurants du desert

Bez hluku, pouštní komparz

Producer, Co-producer: Haut Les Mains Productions, Otter Films
Color: Colour
Language: Arabic, Berber, French

Since the dawn of cinematography, the Moroccan city of Ouarzazate has been a lively center where extras for films with an Arabic theme are found in abundance. This poetic documentary, intentionally using acknowledged staging, shows how the electrifying energy of film flows through the local population. In this “game for real”, the filmmakers deconstruct film as an imitation of life, but one that becomes more than real for the interviewed film extras. This story presents the totality of moving images from a location where you would definitely never look for it.

"We are concerned about ideologies and fantasies that shape singular communities. In Noiseless we decided to build pictures with the extras of Ouarzazate to reflect on cinema's illusions." G. Lepore, Maciek and Michał Madracki


Gilles Lepore (1972) is a Swiss filmmaker, comics creator, and illustrator with close links to Polish film. Michał Mądracki (1979) is a Polish novelist and screenwriter who has a degree in religious studies from Jagiellonian University. Maciej Mądracki (1984) studied film science at Jagiellonian University, and directing at the University of Silesia in Katowice. This filmmaking trio introduced the film The Work of the Machines (2010) at the Ji.hlava IDFF in 2010.

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HAUT LES MAINS PRODUCTIONS / Karim Aitouna / 13 Bis Route de Vienne / Lyon / France / +33 6 68 17 51 87 / /
Festival edition: 2017
Sections: First Lights
Premiere Type: European Premiere
Exhibition format: DCP
Subtitle languages: English
27.10.2017DIOD 17:00


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