Dusk Chorus - Based on Fragments of Extinction

Dusk Chorus - Based on Fragments of Extinction

Soumračný chór

  • Alessandro D'Emilia, Nika Šaravanja
  • Italy
  • 2016, 62 min
Photography: Alessandro D'Emilia
Editing: Otis Buri
Sound: David Monacchi
Music: David Monacchi
Producer, Co-producer: Heidi Gronauer (ZeLIG School for documentary, television and new media), Lorenzo Paccagnella (ZeLIG School for documentary, television and new media)
Color: Colour
Language: English, Spanish, Italian

In his project “Fragments of Extinction”, composer and researcher David Monacchi explores the landscape of the Amazon rainforest using audio recordings. The audiovisual symbiosis of natural still-lifes and three-dimensional audio landscapes makes his calls for preserving local biodiversity all the more believable and urgent.


Nika Saravanja (1985) and Alessandro dʼEmilia (1988) are students of documentary film at the Zelig film school in Bolzano. Besides documentary film, they also share an interest in travel and environmental issues.

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ZELIG - SCHOOL FOR DOCUMENTARY / Emanuele Vernillo / Via Brennero 20/d / Bolzano / Italy / +39 0471 302028 / festival@zeligfilm.it / www.zeligfilm.it
Festival edition: 2017
Sections: A Testimony on Nature
Premiere Type: Czech Premiere
Exhibition format: DCP
Subtitle languages: English
Simultaneous interpreting: CZ
25.10.2017Dělnický dům 22:30


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