Stop and Go

Stop and Go

Zastav a jdi

  • Giovanni Pannico, Ralph Kronauer
  • Germany, Italy
  • 2017, 15 min
Photography: Ralph Kronauer, Giovanni Pannico
Editing: Ralph Kronauer, Giovanni Pannico
Sound: Ralph Kronauer, Giovanni Pannico
Music: Ralph Kronauer, Giovanni Pannico
Producer, Co-producer: Ralph Kronauer
Color: Colour
Language: Slovenian, Arabic, German, English

A look at the Balkans migration route in December 2015. Throngs of refugees make their way to Dobova, Slovenia. They get on the waiting buses in an orderly fashion and enter the system. The Slovenian government has had the journey under control for a month. Confined to a single file line, the migrants go through checks, inspections, and wait for the next step.


Ralph Kronauer (1985) is a German photographer and director working with social and historical topics. The film’s co-author, Italian filmmaker Giovanni Pannico (1980), devotes himself to urban sociology.

Photo Gallery

RALPH KRONAUER / Herrfurthstr. 4 / Berlin / Germany / + 49 179 1235049 /
Festival edition: 2017
Sections: Short Joy
Premiere Type: Central European Premiere
Exhibition format: Video File
Subtitle languages: English
29.10.2017Small stage HDJ 12:00


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