The Ill-Fated Child

Zlopověstné dítě

Zlopověstné dítě

Color: Colour and B&W

Monotone worker‘s job in the Siemens factory, discrete and fascination by the absolute evil of extermination camps blend in the character of twenty years old Michal. He.s obsessed with writing and has very curious hobbies: in his free time, he investigates the way the German concentration camps were organized, he travels, searches through archives, questions the witnesses and tries his best to understand both sides of the killing machinery, killers and their victims. The documentary captures his schizophrenic fumbling, his persistent pedantry while gathering material and his doubts when he thinks about the questions of guilt and punishment. Lucie Králová and Miroslav Novák's combination of portrait, archive footage and almost surrealistic illustrations of Michal's texts (Predator in holocaust) forms an original collage impossible to measure at the scale of historical truth or lie. They dig, sculpture and make materialistic the world of young man.s obsessions, they don.t distort the reality nor the truth of the history, they only remind of the way the prints of long.passed sufferance slowlydissolve.

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Festival edition: 2003
Sections: Czech Joy
Awards: Best Czech Documentary Film


The leitmotif of this year’s edition of the Ji.hlava IDFF will be memory