A Look of Lust


Pohled slasti

  • Dietmar Brehm
  • Austria
  • 1992, 18 min

Black Garden. A series of six films which Brehm shot in an interval of several years. Every one of them was originally an independent work. They were combined into a series through a unifying theme that connects sex with death and movement with perdition.

Blicklust (A Look of Lust). Sometimes I ask myself what I really do for artistic film, because my films seem to be horrors. Do I shoot horrors? Dietmar Brehm. Fear becomes one of the essential elements for film anthropology. We must not forget that the structure of film requires to be lit by fear and that film is built out of anxiety.

Sixpack Film / Austria / office@sixpack.com
Festival edition: 2003
Sections: Workshops


The author of the official spot is renowned director Jean-Luc Godard