A Holiday Film


Film z dovolené

  • Peter Tscherkassky
  • Austria
  • 1983, 9 min

We are more remembering this film than actually living it through, in the same way as the memory, the film is playing with the presence of our consciousness by its tangible proximity, a sudden distance and a gradual escape of the seen object, only imagination can reconstruct what is getting lost. A woman in a meadow, living, taking a walk, thoughtful, immersed in her own body, we can see her breasts in her open blouse, her skin filmed with a strong telephoto lens. The idyllic scene with nipples is over when the woman looks into the camera, oh, her eyes. Then cut – the voyeur has been caught – and everything starts over again, with the tonality of the film changing until all we can see are torn abstract images, the seeing is shifted back to memory.

Festival edition: 2003
Sections: Workshops


The leitmotif of this year’s edition of the Ji.hlava IDFF will be memory