Aerial View of Sixth Ave. Train at 28th, 26th, 24th

Aerial View of Sixth Ave. Train at 28th, 26th, 24th

Z ptačí perspektivy: Nadzemka Šesté avenue jedoucí 28., 26. a 24. ulicí

Color: Black and white
Language: No dialogue

In shooting a bird’s-eye view of a moving train, the unknown cameraman tried to find a different angle from which to depict a form of public mass transit that typified the activity and modernity of the big city in the early 20th century


During the silent film era, the railway was the fastest and most used means of mass transport. Then, particularly during the 1920s, avant-garde filmmakers started to explore the magic of the speed, rhythm, and geometric abstraction found in a train’s mechanical motion.

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Festival edition: 2016
Sections: Fascinations: Aerial View
Premiere Type: Czech Premiere
Exhibition format: Video File
30.10.2016 10:00


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