19th Nervous Breakdown

19. Živčni Zlom

19. Živčni Zlom

Language: No dialogue

A short film named after a Rolling Stones’ song shows improvised performances, during which the members of the Slovenian art collective OHO make drawings on a concrete wall erected in the middle of a field, spontaneously running, dancing and finally putting on a cardboard box with only their legs sticking out. The film promotes OHO’s artistic and philosophical approach to the so-called reism, i.e. a philosophy in which objects are viewed as equal to human beings and not only recognised for their utilitarian value.


Naško Križnar is a Slovenian ethnologist, archaeologist and filmmaker. He was a member of OHO, an important conceptual art movement in former Yugoslavia, being previously an ethnologist and curator at the Nova Gorica Museum. Križnar is a professor of visual anthropology at the Primorska University in Koper and leads the Days of Ethnographic Film festival.

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Moderna galerija
Igor Španjol
Cankarjeva 15, 1000 Ljubljana

Naško Križnar
Festival edition: 2016
Sections: Conference Fascination
27.10.2016 09:30


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