A Sixth Part of the World

Shestaya chast mira

Šestina světa

  • Dziga Vertov
  • Russia
  • 1926, 74 min
Script: Dziga Vertov
Photography: Ilya Belyakov, Samuil Bendersky, Petr Zotov, Nikolay Konstantinov , Aleksandr Lemberg, Nikolay Strukov, Yakov Tolchan
Editing: Yelizaveta Svilova
Producer, Co-producer: Sovkino
Color: Black and white
Language: Silent

In 1926 Dziga Vertov left newsreels and film series behind to start concentrating on documentaries, in which he presented the maximum amount of materials filmed throughout the Soviet Union. Using his own “theory of intervals” he assembled impressive montages, playfully manipulating contrasts, when for example, he placed a heavy industry worker next to a shot of a dancing couple.

“In A Sixth Part of the World the factual frame has disappeared and the staged frame appears, without localization. In one place, the sheep were dipped in the surf and in another place they were dipped in a river, we don’t know where. The object has lost its substance and become transparent, like a work by the Symbolists.” Viktor Shklovsky

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