Une étudiante d'aujourd'hui

Une étudiante d'aujourd'hui

Studentka dnešní doby

  • Éric Rohmer
  • France
  • 1966, 12 min
Script: Éric Rohmer, Denise Besdevant
Photography: Nestor Almendros
Editing: Jacqueline Raynal
Actors, social actors: Denise Basdevant, hlas: Antoine Vitez
Producer, Co-producer: Pierre Cottrell
Color: Black and white
Language: French

The film combines approaches from Nadja in Paris and Fermière à Montfaucon. On one hand, it is a survey of the lives of students whose conditions change as all of society modernizes; on the other hand, it is a generalized portrait of students. In this case, the influence of cinéma vérité in a reduced form must also be taken into consideration.

“Nobody noticed us during the filming, because my cameraman Néstor Almendros didn’t look like someone from the film – he was dressed too well.” Éric Rohmer.

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