Les métamorphoses du paysage

Les métamorphoses du paysage

Proměny krajiny

  • Éric Rohmer
  • France
  • 1964, 23 min
Script: Maurice Scherer
Photography: Pierre Lhomme
Editing: Christine du Breuil
Sound: Betty Willemetz
Actors, social actors: Antoine Vitez, Pierre Gavarry (
Producer, Co-producer: Maurice Scherer (RTS)
Color: Black and white
Language: French

An essay-style educational film attempts to stimulate personal reflections on the relationship between man and the landscape. We follow the search for beauty in the landscape, mired in chaos, where beauty is deliberately suppressed. At the same time, Rohmer offers new viewpoints, such as the opinion that ugliness is the legacy of the 19th century, when hygiene promoted new categories of beauty.

“For me this was neither a historical examination nor an inventory of various types of landscapes. The important thing wasn’t the exceptionality of the place, the exceptional thing was the curiosity of the point of view. I tried myself to achieve a meditative tone and poetic reverie.” Éric Rohmer

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