Dialogue with Joseph

Dialogas su Josefu

Dialog s Josefem

Script: Elžbieta Josadė
Photography: Elžbieta Josadė
Editing: Rareş Ienasoaie
Sound: Elžbieta Josadė
Producer, Co-producer: Dagne Vildziunaite (Just a moment), Elžbieta Josadė (Ananke)
Color: Colour
Language: Lithuanian, Hebrew

Yosef Yosade, a Lithuanian landscape artist, has worked for many years in Israel. His daughter Elżbieta has set the camera on him to capture the nuances of his creative process. Artfully framed static scenes of the master at work, in contemplation, or absorbed in discussions reveal the painter’s distinctive approach based on searching for the visual structure of a landscape. The director also presents visual depictions of landscapes in mutual conflict with their filmed versions, thereby linking the “abstract” and “concrete” perspectives. The film therefore reflects not only individual creation, but also examines the relationship between two specific media.

“The film relates the structure of a landscape to that of a human being. Unstable, arid, peopled by other creatures, by footprints from the past; those are features which Joseph shares with the desert he paints.” Elżbieta Josadė


Elżbieta Josadé (1990) is an up-and-coming Lithuanian director. She studied painting, sculpture, and contemporary art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vilnius, then film at Université Paris 8. Her style is strongly shaped by her strong relationship with painting, based not only on her own personal study experiences, but also taking inspiration from her father, which she makes blatantly clear in this film, her directorial debut.

Photo Gallery

ELŽBIETA JOSADĖ / 109, rue Manin / 75019 / Paris / France / +33 650619291 / elzbietajos@gmail.com
Festival edition: 2016
Sections: Between the Seas
Premiere Type: World Premiere
Awards: Special Mention of the Between the Seas Jury
Exhibition format: DCP
Subtitle languages: English
27.10.2016 14:30
30.10.2016 10:00


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