A Tall Tale



  • Lucia Babjaková Nimcová
  • Slovakia
  • 2016, 34 min
Script: Lucia Babjaková Nimcová
Photography: Lucia Babjaková Nimcová
Editing: Lucia Babjaková Nimcová
Sound: Sholto Dobie
Producer, Co-producer: Roman Babjak (sittcomm.sk)
Color: Colour
Language: Ukrainian

The magic of folksongs lies in their freedom from the restraints of artificial genres and thematic rules. The creative duo of Lucia Nimcová and Sholto Dobie approach their improvised observational documentary in much the same way. The sequence of images from contemporary western Ukraine brings narrative, sound, and musical elements and nearly photographic detailed static scenes of reality into creative counterpoint. Figures of various ages alternate before the camera; interior and exterior locations change; but the song goes on. A folk opera consisting of bawdy folk songs, storytelling ballads, and pre-modern hip-hop. Old world music.

A Tall Tale seeks to capture private and hidden realities excluded from the main historical narrative of the region. Hard mountain rap, vintage feminism and filthy Carpathian hip hop are still alive and relevant.” Lucia Nimcová


Lucia Nimcová (1977) is a renowned Slovak photographer who divides her time between Brussels and Humenné. In her photography as well as her films, her tendency is to create methodical documentary-style works. She has returned a number of times to the topic of Ukraine (such as in her film Beyond the Wisla, 2011). Sholto Dobie (1991) is a Scottish composer, musician, and curator who focuses on performative forms. He currently lives in London.

Photo Gallery

SITTCOMM.SK / Roman Babjak / Druzstevna 4 / 066 01 / Humenné / Slovakia / +421 948 000497 / roman.babjak@gmail.com / http://www.sittcomm.sk
Festival edition: 2016
Sections: Between the Seas
Premiere Type: World Premiere
Exhibition format: Video File
Subtitle languages: English
27.10.2016 14:30


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