The Owl's Legacy

L'Héritage de la chouette

Soví dědictví

  • Chris Marker
  • France
  • 1989, 52 min
Script: Jean Claude-Carrière, Chris Marker
Photography: Didier Besnainou
Editing: Chris Marker
Music: Eleni Karaindrou, Christelle Kosc/UPIC
Producer, Co-producer: Attica Art Productions INC (Groupe Fondation Onassis), LA S.E.P.T., Fit Production
Color: Colour
Language: French
Each episode of this 13-part series about the topicality of Ancient Greek ideas in modern Europe works through a gradually expanding sets of questions, each focused on one of the original Ancient Greek concepts, such as democracy, logomachy and, in the last episode, philosophy. Staged symposia and interviews, quietly monitored by owls, are framed by collages of news reports and film quotes supplemented by essayist commentaries.

Episodes 7 and 13 will be screened.

Film essayist and thinker Chris Marker (1921–2012), an important 20th and 21st century filmmaker, experimented with many different formats and media. An extensive retrospective about Marker was presented at the 2007 Jihlava IDFF. In 2011, he co-published David Čeňek’s book Chris Marker.

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Festival edition: 2015
Sections: Film and Philosophy
Subtitle languages: English
01.11.2015 12:30


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