Ciguri 98 - The Peyote Dance

Ciguri 98 - La danse du peyotl

Ciguri 98 - Peyotlový tanec

  • Raymonde Carasco
  • France
  • 1998, 38 min
Photography: Régis Hébraud
Editing: Raymonde Carasco
Sound: François Didio
Music: Tarahumaras
Producer, Co-producer: Raymonde Hébraud
Color: Black and white
Language: French

This visual meditation takes a look at the sacred power of peyote. The film can be seen as an anthropological study of a traditional ritual, or it can be viewed from a naturalistic point of view that is focused on entering into an image in order to analyze and penetrate it. We must force our eyes to unlearn traditional ways of seeing.

“Ciguri 98 takes the ritual music from Ciguri 96 and adds the voice of Jean Rouch reciting Antonin Artaud’s text ‘The Peyote Dance.’ The camera shows the last peyote shaman, a trance state, and secret healing rituals.” Raymonde Carasco

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Festival edition: 2015
Sections: Translucent Being Raymonde Carasco
Exhibition format: Digi Beta
Simultaneous interpreting: cz
31.10.2015 12:00


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