Divisadero 77 (Gradiva - Western)

Divisadero 77 (Gradiva - Western)

Divisadero 77 (Gradiva - Western)

  • Raymonde Carasco
  • France
  • 1977, 36 min
Photography: Régis Hébraud
Editing: Raymonde Carasco
Sound: Jacques Spirckel
Music: Clemente (violin)
Producer, Co-producer: Raymonde Hébraud
Color: Colour
Language: French
By combining a journey to the locations for Eisenstein’s unfinished opus Que Viva Mexico! with images of an Indian girl walking, Carasco has created a cinematic topos across multiple historical eras. We see figures walking, marching, in motion, as we set out on the trail of a film, and of the Tarahumara – those who run fast.

“At the edge of the fantastic Barrancas in Divisadero, at the place where the canyons branch off. At the Barrancas crossroads. Amazing castles, funnels, chasms, and a cast-off mask gazed at by a cliff. What kind of a god is this? Rectangular.” Raymonde Carasco

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Régis Hébraud / 3, Rue Garoche / 31450 / Pompertuzat / France / +5 6181 7064 / rhebraud@sfr.fr / www.raymonde.carasco.online.fr /
Festival edition: 2015
Sections: Translucent Being Raymonde Carasco
Exhibition format: DVCAM
Simultaneous interpreting: cz
28.10.2015 19:30


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