• Oh Eun Lee
  • France
  • 2015, 14 min
Sound: Christian Cartier
Producer, Co-producer: Oh Eun Lee
Color: Colour
Language: English
The ferry's name was Sewol (which means the passing of time), and it happened in April (which is Sawol in Korean). The tragic death of a larger number of people affected the film’s director to such a degree that she decided to make this contemplative miniature, which brings together reflections about the absurd accident and interpersonal distances with 3D animation of personal living space.

“It was not my life. It was someone else’s. It was not my tragedy. It happened to others. There was no particular reason why I survived. Nor was there any reason why they died.”

Korean director Oh Eun Lee studied literature and comparative religion in Seoul and creative arts at universities in Switzerland and also in France, where she now lives and works. She focuses on animation and short videos. Her short animated film, A Center of the World (2009), is about a young woman trying to regain her lost love.

Oh Eun Lee / 25 Rue Charles de Foucauld / Strasbourg / France / +33 650 561 467 / mementoelee@gmail.com
Festival edition: 2015
Sections: Short Joy
Premiere Type: European Premiere
Subtitle languages: No Subtitles
Simultaneous interpreting: cz
28.10.2015 10:30


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