Flotel Europa

Flotel Europa

Flotel Europa

Script: Vladimir Tomić
Editing: Srđan Keča
Sound: Alex Pavlović
Producer, Co-producer: Selma Jusufbegović, Srđan Keča
Color: Colour
Language: Bosnian
In an emotionally gripping, deeply personal story about the loss of one’s childhood and a difficult adolescence in a politically unstable time, the director brings to life twenty-year-old memories from the time spent at the side of his mother, older brother, and hundreds of other refugees from war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina. Together they awaited asylum in temporary housing on the Flotel Europa, which docked on the shores of Denmark in the early 1990s. The director incorporated archival video footage that the refugees themselves shot directly on the boat.

“There were many good people, but the divisions caused by the war in Bosnia had slowly but surely settled in between us, refugees on Flotel Europa.”

Vladimir Tomić was born in Sarajevo, and at age 12 fled with his family to Denmark. He later studied at the Danish Royal Academy of Arts, and today lives and works in Copenhagen. In his often experimental projects, he draws on his own life experiences and repeatedly addresses the issue of conflict between individuals and society in such films as My Lost Generation (2009) and In the Valley of Shadows (2006).

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Vladimir Tomić / Frederikssundsvej 26B / Copenhagen NV / Denmark / +45 3074 4780 / mail@vladimirtomic.com /
Festival edition: 2015
Sections: Between the Seas, First Lights
Premiere Type: Czech Premiere
Awards: Best Feature-Length Documentary Debut
Exhibition format: DCP
Subtitle languages: English
27.10.2015 22:00
31.10.2015 10:30


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