p.a.c.i.f.i.c.a.t.i.o.n react or you will be killed

p.a.c.i.f.i.c.a.ç.ã.o reaja ou será morto

p.a.c.i.f.i.k.a.c.e reaguj nebo budeš zabit

  • Yann Beauvais
  • Brazil
  • 2015, 7 min
Producer, Co-producer: Yann Beauvais
Color: Colour
Language: Portuguese, English, French
The propagation of abbreviated visual scenes presents a situation characteristic of xenophobic behaviour and conflicts with repressive elements, whilst, at the same time, the text flowing over the image elaborates on the concept in several languages. Social (dis)order underlined by a clutter of indistinguishable voices – words, both spoken and written, battling to capture the viewer’s attention.


The layering of images of police officers, always prepared and alert, increases awareness of the presence of violence in troubled streets.


Yann Beauvais (1953) is a French experimental filmmaker, critic, essayist and occasional curator. He has co-founded several filmmaking institutions as well as the Light Cone distribution company. His film Caught-Between-Two-Worlds (2010) was screened at the Jihlava IDFF.

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Yann Beauvais / 1-3 rue d'Enghien / 75010 / Paris / France / +55 8130 19  4185 / whyb2@ymail.com / www.yannbeauvais.fr
Festival edition: 2015
Sections: Fascinations
Premiere Type: World Premiere
Subtitle languages: French, Portuguese, English
29.10.2015 09:30


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