Israel, an Adventure

Israel, an Adventure

Izrael, dobrodružství

Color: Colour
“He is tirelessly examining the unique evocative power of the film, without any traces of sentiment uncovering the sources of deep emotions, revealing poetic perspectives,” Thomas E. Valasek wrote in his study dedicated to Alexander Hammid. This crucial essay was first published in Czech in the first number of DO- Documentary Film Revue, within an extensive retrospective prepared by the Jihlava festival in 2003. Not all films were shown at that time, some of them were unavailable; some could not be screened for technical reasons. And because even retrospectives can be perceived as work in progress, we are presenting for the first time a film realised by Hammid as cameraman and codirector for the Israeli Government Tourist Office.

PROMISED LAND Another sequel of the dream about landscape. The promised land is not where we are but it is given to us to be our imminent expectation forever. As far as we live, we can feel its presence growing nearer. A second after second delimit its borders and separate the childhood from the youth, manhood from the old age; its topography takes place within the time. We are aware of its existence in every moment, but we cannot think it, we cannot find it by thinking it. We cannot open our eyes to see it, we cannot live it. Finally exile: death.

Jerusalem Film Center / Israel /
Festival edition: 2005
Sections: Exile
Exhibition format: 16 mm


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