A Movie

A Movie

A movie

Script: Bruce Conner
Photography: Bruce Conner
Editing: Bruce Conner
Color: Black and white

The indefinite article in the film’s title augurs a new configuration of cuts from newsreel footage and well-known Hollywood clichés. Images like Marilyn Monroe on the beach or the corpse of Benito Mussolini handing upside down in a square in Milan compose a scathing vision of civilisation.

The paralysing beauty of nuclear explosions transports the piece of work, intersecting time and circumstances in a rapid collage whose images of violence are augmented by sexual connotations. This is one of the fundamental films of experimental cinematography was selected for the National Film Registry in the American Library of Congress, which is the representative collection of American film culture.

A submarine captain turns his periscope on a dancer and halfway sends her a torpedo that explodes into an atomic mushroom. Conner’s aggressive contemplation bridges the gap between the visible and invisible in motion, which never its end or end results, because the internal law of experimental film is circular argumentation. The circular motion is also a metaphor for the desire to understand the language of cinematography and thus also for thought as the image of reality.

An observation by Wittgenstein also applies here: The sentence is the model of reality as we think it”. It is not about creating but rather discovering cinematography. Preset images that to a certain degree are deprived of their concrete meaning serve for the observation of reality and what remains of them are fragments and the mere configurations of points.

Constant change is connected with these, the incessant motion that determines the relationship between language and the world. It is motion that is subordinated to the experimental reconstruction, where each of the images represents another and they are mutually united in the recognition that something in common must exist between them and thought, turned to face each other.

Photo Gallery

Canyon Cinema / USA / films@canyoncinema.com
Festival edition: 2005
Sections: Translucent Being Bruce Conner
Exhibition format: 16 mm


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