Ilha das flores

Isle Of Flowers

Ostrov květin

  • Jorge Furtado
  • Brazil
  • 1989, 12 min
Script: Jorge Furtado
Photography: Roberto Henkin, Sérgio Amon
Editing: Giba Assis Brasil
Music: Geraldo Flach
Color: Colour

Isle of Flowers is a parodie, but it is difficult to say of what. Thematically it focuses on the economy and is structured on three basic elements – production, circulation and consumption. The film uses filmed shots only as an accompaniment. Often it demarcates banals facts well–known to us and tears them from their usual context, whereby it changes their significance.

The film’s format unquestionably classifies it in the ranks of post–modern art. In the first part of the film we witness a visual definition of certain concepts, and the second part is predominated by images that we are able to interpret only thanks to the conscious association from the first part. Jorge Furtado has attempted to create an anti–documentary, in which his aim was to strip the images of their representative value and employ them as part of a higher mechanical whole. (Films of the Brazilian Avant–Garde selected by David Cenek)

Photo Gallery

Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre / Brazil /
Festival edition: 2005
Sections: Short Joy
Exhibition format: 35 mm


The author of the official spot is renowned director Jean-Luc Godard