East wind

Vent D'Est

Vítr z východu

  • Jean-Luc Godard
  • France
  • 1970, 100 min
Script: Srgio Bazzini, Jean-luc Godard, Daniel Cohn-bendit
Photography: Mario Vulpiani
Editing: Jean-luc Godard, Jean-pierre Gorin
Actors, social actors: Gian Maria Volonté, Anne Wiazemsky, Paolo Pozzesi, Daniel Cohn-bendit, Glauber Rocha, Marco Ferreri
Color: Colour
According to James Monaco, Wind from the East, which was made in Italian exteriors, in the stage set of a western town next to Elios atelier, is perhaps the most perfect and conclusive film among Dziga Vertov Group‘s movies. This film possess a broad view to summarize political situation of contemporary Marxism and the position of provoking author as well as the relationship of these two. The consequence is a film with high density and good skill shot in five languages, a film of complicated theoretical structure representing author’s thinking about politics, film and their mutual relationship.

James Monaco quotes a most memorable scene of the film. The Brazilian director Glauber Rocha standing at a crossroads is approached by a pregnant woman who says, „Could you please tell the way toward political cinema?“ He shows her two roads: This road leads to an unknown cinema, a cinema of aesthetical adventure. That road leads to a cinema of Third World, dangerous cinema – divine, astonishing.“ The woman takes the road to Third World cinema, but stops, returns, and takes the road of aesthetical adventure. – The individuality of the radical movie does not lie in the systematic view of the world, but within the process of polarised thinking –understanding is therefore not a precondition for comprehensibility. The vertigo of intellectual propaganda is the lyrically implemented politics, it is emotional evaluation of ideas by a film, where nothing is sure, and the liberal temporariness and wobbliness succumbs to the left wing revision. Propaganda is a form of thinking that simplifies the world to immanent energy of pictures that deny reflection – revision is the denial of reflection. Dziga Vertov Group‘s movies are aesthetic tractates, which – although they want to represent a critical analysis of political metaphors – project the only possible interpretation. They are free films despising freedom.

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The author of the official spot is renowned director Jean-Luc Godard