Berlin Beirut

Berlin Beirut

Berlin Beirut

Script: Myrna Maakaron
Photography: Jutta Tränkle
Editing: Simone Klier
Sound: Frank Maakaron
Music: Frank Maakaron
Color: Colour

Berlin and Beirut – names of both cities have two syllables and six letters, they were both destroyed by the war and occupied, divided and rebuilt. Until today people still say 'East and West' in both cities and they remember where the borderlines were. In the parallel composition of often stylized images, a lyrical essay made by a Lebanese director now living in Germany shows partial scenes from both cities, which together with personal memories, stories and the weight of the past are joined in one film city where the director lives, the place where her new home blends with her old home country. The director gets on a taxi in Beirut, and gets off at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. And as the differences are the topic of the story, the cohesion is the topic of the poetic essay with elements of fairy tale. The author passes through the modern city touching its objects and all messages coming from far away getting over them thanks to irony and self-irony. Distance is an echo, a refrain determining the mood of the different levels of the film; it is omnipresent in emotional situations of pictured notes and parentheses of everyday life in colourful quarters and suburbs. A wish to choose the landscape for your life makes it possible to unite the two cities in one in partial plots and situations, and create the lyrics of the film out of the material of united city. Parting and departure as well as coming back retell in different version the real encounters with both cities not making any difference between here and there, because fantasy is a body walking through the streets, it is an eye capturing the shortness of an instant, in which an unrepeatable gesture, sound or dialogue of a single scene creates an elusive beauty that can overcome the feeling of exile and homelessness, though we know that it is here only now only once.

Photo Gallery

Credofilm / Germany /
Festival edition: 2005
Sections: Baedecker
Exhibition format: Beta SP


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