Get a life

Get a life

Get a life

  • Michael Klint
  • Denmark
  • 2004, 58 min
Script: Michael Klint
Photography: Claus Bie
Editing: Morten Raarup
Sound: Per Dybdal Jensen
Color: Colour

Kling warns the viewers of the horrifying images that render the situation in a children’s hospital in upper Nigeria, where patients with grave gangrenous illnesses are treated. The combination of third world poverty and structural experiment, however, results in an unsettling of ethical discourse…

“Noma” means the disintegration of facial tissues. The face is eaten away by gangrene, and this irreversible process is also a symbol of the inability of globalized mankind to help one another – it would seem that where there are Coca-cola bottles, there must be affordable medicine too, but that is not the case.

We see children, who are probably in the last stages of the illness, as gangrene spreads across their faces. We can see it progress hour by hour. The gravity of the message about them, and the medical doctors who try to help them in the miserable conditions of the desert, is wrapped in a concept that wants everything captured here to remain visible, so that the viewer is aware of the consequences.

This is expressed in a sustained effort to stay true to Trier’s codex. This also means that social reality forms a theoretical entity, through which it is at the same time explained for the purposes of the film. The therapeutic aim of Trier’s nine points is simplicity achieved by transparent language, for only an ability to express oneself unpolluted by ornament allows for a depth of meaning.

And this can be achieved only when the underlying framework of the documentary itself is transparent.

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Festival edition: 2005
Sections: Opus Bonum
Exhibition format: Digital Betacam


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