Reality Shock

Reality Shock

Reality Shock

Script: Stanislaw Mucha
Photography: Krzysztof Pakulski
Editing: Bogdan Saganowski, Jacek Tarasiuk
Music: Billy´s Band
Color: Colour

An absurd documentary comedy is the last part of Stanislaw Mucha´s East European trilogy, after Absolut Warhola and Stred. The Polish director set out for the woods among a community of eccentrics, deprived of their peace and safety by the political and economic changes accompanying the EU‘s incorporation of Europe´s Eastern margin.

This group of eccentric rustics each responds to the shock of reality in their own way, and we thus encounter a bizarre assortment of characters, for whom the new era is as mysterious and impenetrable as the UFO that once landed in the middle of their village. Variety compared this film to the legendary Vernon, Florida by Errol Morris.

A clumsy white bear – a man in disguise – stumbles among the birch trees, holding the blue flag of the EU. The border between dusk and dawn in Europe is drunken and musical, as the cults degenerated by alcohol celebrate themselves in an endless sequence of bizarre events.

The director‘s expressive method accentuates the chaos and the flamboyance of the timelessness into which the symbols of unified Europe venture – the fact alone, that the European stars hang over a bar dedicated to Lenin suggests that the impossibility to separate the seemingly past moment (symbolized also by uniforms, which our heroes love to sport) from the seemingly future moment (the woman who irons the stars on the blue flag overnight) is sufficient to cancel time.

The characters of this film, however, have long reacted to it by a game on which they build their environment, so invisible for general society and politicians that it seems unimaginable and futile to add further value or meanings to it.

The European ideal thus has clearly defined borders (this is where it ends, and beyond that is only an even wilder East), and as an idea it also means an absolute existence of symbols, but until it is actually perceived and recognized, it remains but a false mythology.

Photo Gallery

Telepool Munich / Wolfram Skrowronnek / Germany /
Festival edition: 2005
Sections: Between the Seas
Exhibition format: Digital Betacam


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