110°F Against the Clock

40°C contre la montre

40°C proti směru hodinových ručiček

  • Barbara Schuch
  • France
  • 2003, 7 min
Photography: Barbara Schuch
Editing: Sophie Sensier
Color: Colour

An opportunity to start playing the story of scorching heat in a minimum of space. A cycle race can also bring misunderstanding and unexpected turns and it is able to prepare unnoticeably an unusual plot in connection with hot weather.

A short film about the truthfulness of an implausible situation will amuse by hidden melancholy. Physical irony sparks on both sides of the pack stuck together with humour and sweat changing iridescently its shape when it passes by a deaf tone of an onlooker's tiredness.

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Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Short Joy
Exhibition format: Beta SP


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