89 mm from Europe

89 mm od Europy

89 mm od Evropy

  • Marcel Lozinski
  • Poland
  • 1993, 12 min
Photography: Jacek Petrycki, Arthur Reinhart
Editing: Katarzyna Maciejko-kowalczyk
Sound: Malgorzata Jaworska
Color: Black and white

An impression of a railway station on the border of Poland and Byelorussia, a former Soviet Union. Polish Brzesc-Litevski marks the point where the standard European rail tracks terminate, further to the East they are 89 millimetres wider.

In order for trains to cross the border, rail workers change thousands of wheels for a bigger model, everyday. They are watched through the train windows by French, German and Dutch travellers.

The director builds his film upon this peculiar metaphor derived from the multiplying details of the train change, bringing about a question: where does Europe really end? Do the rails and wheels resemble just the irony of history, or are they a permanent symbol of the divided Christian continent?

The film has won many festival awards and was nominated for Oscar. It is the most famous work of the Kalejdoskop production, one of the first Polish independent film studios.

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Kalejdoskop Film Studio / Poland / studio@kalejdoskop.art.pl
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: idfa.europe.doc
Exhibition format: 35 mm


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