Fast Film

Fast Film

Fast Film

Photography: Martin Putz
Editing: Virgil Widrich
Sound: Frédéric Fichefet
Color: Colour

A kiss, a happy couple. But then, the woman is kidnapped, and the man sets off to save her. A dramatic rescue story full of wild chase scenes begins. On its surface, Fast Film tells a simple story. The catch is that all its scenes were taken from 300 different works produced in the course of film history, which is also the number of identity changes its heroes undergo.

But as in Copy Shop, the extraordinary technology used during production is the first thing that stands out about Fast Film. No less than 65,000 paper printouts of individual images were employed. After being folded into thousands of objects such and arranged in complex tableaux, they were photographed with a simple digital camera and loaded into a computer image by image.

Photo Gallery

Sixpack Film / Austria /
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Opus Bonum
Exhibition format: 35 mm


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