Duenos de nada

Owners of Nothing

Majitelé ničeho

  • Sebastian Talavera Serrano
  • Spain
  • 2003, 47 min
Photography: Sebastian Talavera Serrano, Carlos Hemo
Editing: Sebastian Talavera Serrano
Sound: Sebastian Talavera Serrano
Color: Colour

Five-year-old Fatima is almost blind. Most of her life is happening in an unclear mist, in a stain, which makes things look far away. The biggest treasury of hers lies in her teacher's drawer: blue glasses with thick glasses. At the end of each school day, she must return them.

Fatima lives in the periphery of Seville, in El Vacie, one of the oldest poorish quarters in Europe, composed of low houses and chipped caravans. In one of them, the girl lives with her parents, rats and cockroaches.

The poverty is a priory condition for knowledge; it is the borderline, which only allows further knowledge. It would seem, that poverty is only for its own, not available to us, but the picture of the debuting director convinces us of the contrary: the poetic camera is simply just present, as it would be existing behind the borderline of people's destiny.

Photo Gallery

Documania / Spain
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Opus Bonum
Exhibition format: Beta SP


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