Dix-sept ans


  • Didier Nion
  • France
  • 2003, 83 min
Photography: Didier Nion
Editing: Catherine Zins
Sound: Pascale Mons
Color: Colour

Seventeen-year old Jean-Benoit serves his apprenticeship as a mechanic. His first liaison with Helene takes place between the garage he works in and his flat he sleeps in and the dunes along the shore, the liaison intensified by the complicated relationship to his mother and the problems at work.

With sensitivity to oil from engines and to the grey wind bending the dried grass, the director captures, with his extraordinary empathy, all the feelings and confusions of the young man growing up without his father. The still-present quick camera of the documentary, having been made for lots of years, records the strange and immature burn-out, loafing around, the long time of half-empty days, when indifference and revolt enter together into the outer form of all objects. The outskirts are the scenes of youth going through experience that every day has its own end, that all objects and actions have their delimitations and that it is not possible to stay two times at one place and at one time.

The director, Didier Nion, worked as an assistant camera in cooperation with Claude Sautet and Luc Besson and his remarkable documentary film can evoke memories of the documentaries about workmen made by Darden brothers or of the amorous intrigues of the heroes in the Eric Rohmer's documentary films.

Photo Gallery

Mille it Une Films / France
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Opus Bonum
Exhibition format: 35 mm


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