99 Years of My Life

99 Vuotta Elämästäni

99 let mého života

  • Marja Mikkonen
  • Finland
  • 2003, 33 min
Photography: Sini Liimatainen
Editing: Azar Saiyar
Sound: Jussi Vuola
Color: Colour and B&W

Experimental short film arranges memories of four women of different ages, whose memories, fears and hopes together form a fictive biography of one woman, spread through the film in her whole time from birth to death.

Special documentary illusion shows the connection of people's lives, dark solidarity, almost capillary interconnection of human existences meeting in time. A fascinating psychological trick with a true imitation of one life, weaved from four lives, it uses different film material, connect animation, family pictures, their copies, original shots or stylistic and acted pictures.

Different pictures form a core of unique experience, the film interrupts a speech of one body and offers label of solid existence. The whispering of the film allows fusion; distance between archetypal thoughts and speech of specific pictures does not exist. The work of life is the fruit of the film, which the material changes and subjects to its intentions.

Photo Gallery

Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Opus Bonum
Exhibition format: Beta SP


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