• Peter Mettler
  • Canada
  • 1997, 28 min
Photography: Peter Mettler
Editing: Peter Mettler
Sound: Peter Mettler
Color: Colour and B&W

Mettler's pictures in general are unclassifiable, and the lyrical diary from two journeys to Bali is no exception. Here an essay mingles with visually revealing documentation following the tradition of Joris Ivens, Arne Sucksdorff or Werner Herzog.

The rhythm of the landscape in the film is determined by the traditional dancers of the island; the director almost graphically imprints the island it his view, the geometry of mountain fields is replaced by a shadow play of local rituals, the big-eyed masks watch the author who does not tell the story but shoots a film, who does not describe, but communicates through images, through the expressive vision enriched by an exceptional soundtrack.

All senses are experiencing the exotics; the mood comes from inside, the intensity of emotion is born from a spontaneous, instinctive perception of space. This moves the aesthetics and symbolism of a travelogue deeper to discoveries, beyond any standards of genre surfaces.

Photo Gallery

Grimthorpe Film / Canada /
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Opus Bonum
Exhibition format: 16 mm


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