• Sergei Loznitsa
  • Russia
  • 2004, 28 min
Photography: Nikolay Efimenko, Sergej Mikhailcuk
Editing: Sergey Loznitsa
Sound: Vladimir Golovnitsky
Color: Colour

Chapters Steel and Clay make up a blunt film looking into the insides of an archaic Russian factory, where metal is poured out and the movements of people are no longer a symphony, but a melancholic phenomenology of work reduced to a banal scheme. Only the film, as a specific artefact, proves to be of a perfectly self-collected style uniting a whole set of meanings in a single moment.

The mental state of the factory is derived from practical utterances; tangible objects become poetry. The factory no longer speaks it own language, it is no longer owned by ideologies, it is the truth of a film mind, a place where imagination and emotions are concentrated, where long scenes allow to realize its big secret. Immobilisation of the film, like making the inner feeling tangible becomes an inspiring promotion of style, an exclusive intrusion of the usual knowledge of a film language.

Photo Gallery

St. Petersburg Documentary Film Studio / Russia / cinedoc@comset.net
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Opus Bonum
Exhibition format: 35 mm


The leitmotif of this year’s edition of the Ji.hlava IDFF will be memory