Ciné houet

Ciné houet

Ciné houet

Photography: Fred Florey
Editing: Sophie Watzlavick, Cédric Fluckiger
Sound: Sophie Watzlavick
Color: Colour

An African cinema. A poetic language of films‘ projection itself, a gallery of newly seen and eavesdropped figures, who take care of the service in the-open-air cinema. A camera wanders about in an unusual atmosphere. A sight and an emphasis on this or that figure together are still changing, but not a point of view, which is an honour for 'the black machine operators of cinematography', transporting film copies on their motorbikes along the dirty roads.

Even the area of Burkina-Faso alone gets away to all directions comparing to an ordinary way of seeing through film. A fetish of a light reflection on a projection screen appears to be in the hot area, where the light disappears before the nightfall and, as the red sun goes down, the city gains the silhouette of an ancient fortress built upon the mythical rituals and barbaric music, into whose tinny tones the introductory film reels of the far-off world are going (The Cameraman with Bustler Keaton in his star part, 1928).

Photo Gallery

Ecole supérieure des beaux-arts / Switzerland /
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Opus Bonum
Exhibition format: Super 16 mm


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