Children Have The Ears

Les Enfants ont des Oreilles

Děti naslouchají

  • Marc Pataut
  • France
  • 2004, 58 min
Photography: Marc Pataut
Editing: Marc Pataut
Sound: Benjamin Danon, Baptiste Pataut
Color: Colour

The director originally wanted to shoot a film about lives of families struck by AIDS. In order to capture the situation the people are in, he chose the increasingly popular method of direct filming by the people themselves; the camera was available to both children and their parents. The edited raw material is their collective image.

Some children are ill, some are not, some lost one parent, some both. Similarly, not all the adults are ill. But they all live together and try to talk about it.

The amateurish filming creates the nature of the film; the linear editing evokes questions on different possibilities of transforming the captured experience into a work of art, on the creation process that basically does not involve the author. But he is a director, gluing together images that are yet blind.

In the beginning, there is filming that accompanies and co-creates the life - therefore the ethics of the entire film must include the history of its creation as well as problems that arose during the work on it.

Photo Gallery

SolEnSi / France /
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Baedecker
Exhibition format: DV CAM


The author of the official spot is renowned director Jean-Luc Godard