Arna´s Children

De Kinderen van Arna

Arniny děti

Photography: Juliano Mer Khamis, Hana Abu Shaada, Uri Shteinmintz
Editing: Obbe Verwer, Govert Janse
Sound: Alla Khouri, Rani Nentzel
Color: Colour

Can the theatre stop the violence in the divided world and show the option of living and working morally? The documentary tells a story of a theatre centre founded by Arna Mer.

A Jew by origin, she married a Palestinian Arab in the fifties, and in the late eighties she opened a theatre centre for the children of Jenin, to take them away from the everyday fury. The project ended with her death. Her son Juliano was one of the directors in the theatre, and he also filmed the rehearsals during 1989-1996. Several years later he returned to see what had happened to these children.

Yussef made a suicidal attack, Ashraf died during a street fight, Alla leads a semi-military troop. Juliano, now a famous actor, tries to understand why the children that he loved made this choice. He goes back in time, confronting the scenes, faces of children and adults, their features and eyes, revealing the tragedy and horror of lives trapped in circumstances of the permanent war.

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Trabelsi Productions LTD / Israel/
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Baedecker
Exhibition format: Beta SP


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