Dear Juliet

Dear Juliet

Drahá Julie

Photography: Herz Frank
Editing: Sergey Usanov, Herz Frank
Sound: Sergey Usanov, Herz Frank
Color: Colour

The statue of Juliet in Verona, the backyard of the Capulet's house which the girl left to become immortalized in the human memories as the picture of love that was consummated by death. Today, the place under her balcony has become the venue of rendezvous with a wall full of love letters, a point on a tourist map. The foreigners want to be photographed with the statue, offering her a cigarette, nestling against her bronze body. A legend says that he who touches her right breast will be lucky.

Simple pictures capture the atmosphere of the place, static description of the plot underlines it, and the deceitful peacefulness of the scenes allows all the absurdity of the busy tourist attraction to unfold gradually. The film language of the lonely director distrustfully gropes around a banal theme, does not directly touch the things it indicates, but rather comments on the things around, ironically, under the history of culture.

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LNFC / Latvia /
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Tribute Herz Frank
Exhibition format: DV CAM


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