• Agnes Varda
  • France
  • 2004, 96 min
Photography: J. Marques, C.s. Olaf (salut Les Cubains) / Jean-yves Escoffier, Pascal Rabaud (ulysse) / Markus Seitz, Claire Duguet, Rick Kearney, John Holosko (ydessa, Les Ours Et Etc...)
Editing: Janine Verneau (salut Les Cubains) / Marie-jo Audiard, Hélene De Luze (ulysse) / Agnes Varda, Jean-baptiste Morin (ydessa, Les Ours Et Etc...)
Sound: Jean-paul Mugel (ulysse) / Jens-christian Börner, Rob Fletcher, Jason Milligan (ydessa, Les Ours Et Etc...)
Music: Isabelle Olivier, Didier Lockwood (ulysse) / Pierre Barbaud (ydessa, Les Ours Et Etc...)
Color: Colour and B&W

The problem of a still image as an internally compact and cohesive system entering different kinds of links and relations that resonates throughout all of Agnes Varda's films. In the trilogy CINÉVARDAPHOTO (a framework and a shape in one), we find a direct engagement with photographs and their meanings in different contexts over a period of forty years.

The photomontage Salut, les Cubains (1963) makes dance in the rhythm of cha-cha over 1,500 photographs taken while she was vacationing on the revolutionary island. In Ulysse (1982) she comes back to old photographs from Egypt (dated 1954), the picture is an intimate discovery of mythological, allegorical, historical and personal meanings of the image. Ydessa... (2004), a Canadian art collector organised a unique show for the Munich exhibition of the history of 20th century. The walls of exhibition halls were covered by hundreds of photographs: the only criterion for their selection was the presence of a Teddy Bear somewhere in the picture.

Photo Gallery

Ciné - Tamaris / France / ciné
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Special Event
Exhibition format: 35 mm


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