Golden Hut


Zlatá salaš

  • Zsigmond Dezső
  • Hungary
  • 2003, 61 min
Photography: Arthur Bálint
Editing: Gabriella Koncz
Sound: Vince Kapcsos
Color: Colour

A 13-year-old Emil lives in the mountains of Transylvania. He takes cows on pastures, makes cheese from their milk, and meets his parents only when one of them comes to the mountain pastures to collect the cheese and take it down to the valley. The encounters are brief; the true companions of the boy are the cows and dogs.

A somehow mysterious film, a shy story enchanted in the unique scenery that captures the habits of the lonely rural work as the inheritance of responsibility, respect and humility. The film shows that nothing in this world is lost of the work that overlaps generations, that permanence lies in the care of the entrusted belongings.

The child here embodies a human who escapes the time. Similarly, the film tries to hold its flow, make it stand still, achieve a standing point. The director compares the boy to Ábel, the typical hero of Áron Tamási's fairy-tale stories from the world of peculiar Hungarian mountain dwellers.

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Magyar Filmúnió / Hungary /
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Between the Seas
Awards: Special Mention of the Between the Seas Jury
Exhibition format: Video


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