• Maria Zmarz - Koczanowicz, Joanna Sławińska
  • Poland
  • 2003, 27 min
Photography: Adam Sikora, Rafal Paradowski
Editing: Grazyna Gradon, Krzysztof Raczynski
Color: Colour

A story of three young men from Higher Silesia who earn living by collecting coal alongside the railroad. Their portrait is being interrupted by the confession of the mother of a boy who lost his life while doing the same thing.

The film is shot in the background of a broken and forgotten part of Poland; the poor people living in the old blocks of flats in the former coalfield, trying to survive.

A harsh picture with the political and social accent, a kind of poetic publicistics, pointing out the street of life of a generation, probably a lost generation. There are no signs of revolt or attempts to overcome or change those conditions, there’s only apathy, as a set of rules how to survive, whether socially or physically – hopelessness as an ultimate boundary of the country’s periphery.

Rails and the passing trains allow recognising a kind of symbolic image of a long way of the post-communist world going from the poverty, over the poverty on and on.

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Polish TV Film Agency / Poland /
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Between the Seas
Exhibition format: Beta SP


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