A Bar at the Victoria Station

Bar na Victorii

Bar na Victoria Station

  • Leszek Dawid
  • Poland
  • 2003, 55 min
Photography: Leszek Dawid
Editing: Leszek Dawid, Anna Adamowicz
Sound: Ewa Usielska - Bogusz
Music: Bartosz Straburzynski
Color: Colour

The unemployed thirty-year old men, Mark and Piotek, dread a feeling that there is nothing to wait for in their home town. Opposed to the resigned neighbours, they succeed in resisting their fate and they go for a job to London.

Through a confidential camera, the socially-critical documentary follows their journey for a promised job right from the block of flats to the west to the dreamt-of city. But then it happens the same as to many of immigrants before: there is no work in there and the men end up in the streets. But from the phone booths, they are continually responding to advertisements, looking for money to buy some food, being homesick and dreaming about having a small bar at the railway station.

As if the socially-roughened documentary of direct pictures of characters has been imprinted by the heroism of prosaic moments of the Ken Loach's films: the men appear to be the underside of society, but they do not resign. The still-following camera completes the documentary full of inner unease, in which the adventure of this couple becomes the sector of the social picture of still-changing Europe.

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The Polish National Film School / Poland / swzfilm@filmschool.lodz.pl
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Between the Seas
Exhibition format: Beta SP


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