Script: Milan Balog
Photography: Milan Balog
Editing: Marek Král'ovský
Sound: Milan Balog
Music: The Doors
Actors, social actors: Dezider Racz, Mrs. Markova
Color: Colour

Short documentary about unbearable distance between two separated lovers.

Refugee from Czechoslovakia left his home country and beloved during the sixties because of Soviet Union occupation. More than thirty years later he tries to return to his homeland. He is dying and doesn’t want to perform his next emigration- this time to another reality- all alone. The return is impossible, the only possible way how to keep contact with his beloved is to keep on sending her packs of photocopies from his private life.

Absurd principle of fulfilling their private relationship reflects our society in general. Photocopies of him collected as a puzzle are the only way how to keep imaginative but strait touch. Shortness and compactness of the picture is the result of sympathy to their fragile closeness. Simple ideas are strongest in their simplicity.

Non-fiction film about fiction love in a pack of copies.

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FTF VŠMU / Slovakia / festivals@vsmu.sk
Festival edition: 2004
Sections: Between the Seas
Exhibition format: 35 mm


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