• Borys Lankosz
  • Poland
  • 2001, 45 min
Script: Borys Lankosz, Marcin Koszalka
Photography: Marcin Koszalka
Editing: Marek Król
Sound: Anna Rotowska
Music: Abel Korzeniowski

This brutal document takes place in a home for mentally ill patients. The camera focuses just on the patients' manifestations such as a crooked walk, uncoordinated motion, trembling, rocking, demented facial expressions, blank stares, lolled out tongues, and slobbering.

All of it together creates a kind of loony ballet. We are not ready for such scenes of animalism, and mental and physical pain. The movie doesn't provide space for relief. The mental institute is located in the middle of a nature reserve, accommodating 70 mentally disabled old men who can neither eat nor dress themselves without assistance, virtually waiting for death. The institute makes up their whole life. There's nothing outside it. Everything happening outside the barred windows is as far away as the stars in the sky. It's only them and the staff dressed in white coats.

The document concentrates mainly on six men, three of whom suffer from Down Syndrome, two are infantile brothers, and the sixth one is a crippled schizophrenic. From the first moment the camera dives into their world. Slowly we begin to understand their rules, a completely different plenitude of existence.

The music penetrating the whole movie is based on the everyday sounds surrounding them: incomprehensible words, feet scuffing, bodily noises, obscure voices coming out of the TV, doors banging... Their lives are contained within our lives. In reality the space they live in is not so secluded, it rather permeates all our perseverance.

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Festival edition: 2002
Sections: Between the Seas


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