Gösta & Lennart

Gösta & Lennart

Gösta a Lennart

  • Babak Najafi
  • Sweden
  • 2001, 8 min
Photography: Simon Pramsten
Sound: Mario Adamson

Lennart is lonely since his boyfriend left him. He spends his days in an empty apartment, no-one calls him and he longs for friendship and proximity of others so much. He is left just with Gösta. Gösta is with him all the time, obeys his orders, goes for a walk with him and can look into his eyes at any time. Gösta is a bulldog and Lennart's best friend.

A short and strongly profiled film of a Sweedish director of Iranian origin evokes the loneliness inhabited by a man and a dog. The four-year-old bulldog is the only close being of the fifty year old homosexual, an opera singer, who does not know how to live alone. Therefore, he directs all his need for understanding, the selfish need to look after someone, at his dog.

The film is an overview of one day of their strange coexistence rhythmical through feeding, outing, games and silent understanding with a sleeping dog. The director chose methods of an acted film, using colored filters and various camera angles.

The film is situated into an uncertain time in the crispy weather of the Nordic summer. The feeling of alienation is magnified not only by an empty apartment but also the semi-empty beaches.

A reduction to a short testimony, insight into a bizarre household as if through a fish eye contracting life to several important acts, repeatedly performed until the imitation of a relationship creates its own world, without symbols, which cannot be interpreted as a depiction of totality of loneliness, stemming from the weird human need not to be alone.

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Festival edition: 2002
Sections: Traffic


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