Albert Serra - Lisandro Alonso: Letter #2 Untitled (Letter for Serra)

Albert Serra - Lisandro Alonso: Carta 2. Sin título (Carta para Serra)

Albert Serra - Lisandro Alonso: 2. dopis. Bez názvu (Dopis Serrovi)

  • Lisandro Alonso
  • Spain
  • 2011, 23 min
Photography: Santiago Melazzini
Editing: Ana Remon
Sound: Santiago Fumagali, Pablo Gamper
Actors, social actors: Laureano Alonso, Misael Saavedra, Fabián Casas, Estela Carra
Color: Colour

Th e main protagonist of the letter, Misael Saavedra, is an actor from Lisander’s debut Freedom. It’s a direct reaction to Serra’s letter and we are witness to reflections of the artist’s own style and storytelling methods. Th is letter is also more or less wordless. In any event, language is used here in diff erent contexts than what is usual; it’s only one element that creates the whole. It retains a strong documentary streak, despite the fact that part of the letter gives us the impression that a story is unfolding before us. Serra and Alonso film without any kind of financial restraints, which gives their present
work a marked dose of freedom.

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Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona
Montalegre 5 / 08001 
Barcelona / Spain
+34 933 06 41 00
Festival edition: 2014
Sections: The Complete Letters
Premiere Type: East European Premiere
Exhibition format: Video File
24.10.2014 12:00
25.10.2014 12:00
26.10.2014 12:00
27.10.2014 12:00
28.10.2014 12:00


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